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War · Is · Kind

WIP List

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Now roughly ordered by priority/progress status (last updated 07/12/10):

Leaving out the currently half-posted "Wherever I May Find Her"...

1. Falling: Falling in love has never been so much fun. (Hector/Florina)

2. As the Crow Flies: A river's path may twist and wind, but two straight lines can only ever meet once, if at all. (Nimue/Jodel)

3. "How Hector Got His Beard" (working title): also featuring Florina being the behind-the-scenes political brainz w/ help from Serra, hence why Ostia started unraveling after her death and fell apart so easily to traitors during FE6

4. hanafuda (working title): One-shot. On the eve of Klein's promotion, Percival gets roped into playing the vaguely intellectual Etrurian equivalent of strip poker with Cecilia and Prince Mildain... (To become part of a sort-of outlined series of Mildain/Cecilia/Percival hijinks including but not limited to chess, flirting-through-riddles, fangirls/boys/letters, joking about "right of the first night", and Percival being a teenage boy. HAHAHAHAHAHA)

5. Legacy (loose sequel to "Invincible"): One-shot. Geese/Echidna, mostly post-games. No snappy summary yet.

6. What the Thunder Said: One-shot. Astor flees from Bern without Matthew in the aftermath of a mission gone terribly wrong. (Legault cameo.)

7. Upon the Shoulders of the Dead: Four generations of survivors gather in Pherae after Bern's defeat to hold a memorial for the dead and struggle towards a future for the living. (post-games politics!fic)

8. Uncommitted/still in conceptual stages: post-game one-sided Saul/Dorothy with Clarine and Percival cameos (Clarine/Dorothy), Kent/Lyn in Bulgar fluff (the "honeymoon" months) w/ cameo from Guy's mom, Chiaroscuro (Heath/Legault post-Heath's break with Vaida), Her Wings (post-game Dieck/Thany), post-parental death Uther and Oswin friendship fic, Lleu/Sophia w/ hints of Chad/Lugh (or the other way around).
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On June 22nd, 2009 12:48 am (UTC), hooves commented:
Well, you can cross 5 off of your list, now.

/so proud.

I want to see all of these like...I don't know...right now. :D Obviously the 9th one first. HAHA! I'm so greedy!

/loves ♥
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On June 22nd, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC), shimizu_hitomi replied:
XD yup, fixed.

And now it's #8. :P

Knowing me, my "order of priority" shifts around like every other week, so you may well get your wish.... maybe. XDDD
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On June 22nd, 2009 10:37 pm (UTC), hooves replied:
Oooh, yay~

Also, I swear that one of these days, I'll get around to reading and reviewing all of your 'fic. ;O;

((Oh yeah. Thanks for responding to like, everything I said! I'll respond back, but probably not until tomorrow. My wrists and arms hurt too bad to type that much at the moment. =/
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On November 8th, 2010 09:42 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Your fic ideas
Hey Shimizu Hitomi! (Haha I'm DarkBlaziken on FF.net, lol I sort of stalk your fics)

Ah the ideas abour are great! When are they going to get posted on FF.net? I especially want to see Falling, hanafuda (OMG PERCIVAL/CECILIA/MILDAIN TRIANGLE ARE YOU KIDDING ME I DEMAND TO SEE THAT IMMEDIATELY), What the Thunder Said and maybe Upon the shoulders of the dead :D

Write soon!

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