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Notes - No Time for the Dead, Midnight

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No Time for the Dead

My reasoning behind putting the notes for these two fics together should be obvious... Neither of them really stand all that well alone. "Midnight" in particular also depends on Sand and Moonlight, which is the next old fic I'll get around to posting eventually.

No Time for the Dead

"No Time for the Dead" was one of the first fics I wrote for this universe, back when I was starting to develop my ideas into a full blown fic-verse as opposed to just two vaguely related post-FE7/pre-FE6 fics (Days of Waiting and A Thousand Snows). I think it shows; it's obviously one of the most underdeveloped fics in the entire verse, more a compressed moment in time than an actual story. That said, it DOES do what I essentially set out to do with this fic, and that was to establish Serra as a character not to be underestimated. (Because really, she shouldn't be. She's one in a line of "feisty/"aggressive"/"snotty" healers in the FE franchise that started with May in FE2 -- though May was a mage -- and this is one of the FE archetypes that's particularly fun to poke at.)

I also wrote this fic to explore Oswin/Serra (or more accurately, it grew out of a sudden image or understanding I had of these two and their relationship). I'm not really a fan of either of Serra's other "canon" pairings (Erk/Serra, which I will discuss more below in the notes for "Midnight", and Matthew/Serra, which just has never seemed anything but awkward as a pairing to me). I'm normally not a huge fan of May/December pairings, especially when the two parties are not anywhere close to the same level of maturity, but I find something attractive or interesting about Oswin/Serra regardless... Mostly because Serra is utterly irrepressible and it's funny to play her off of no-nonsense Oswin (who actually I think has a very dry, understated sense of humor that shows up in some of his interactions with Matthew and Hector), but also because Oswin seems to be one of the few or only people she actually holds some semblance of genuine respect for. In the end I wish I could have elaborated more on the nature of their relationship and how it developed, but I was too lazy to and/or hadn't yet worked out most of the Ostian plot yet at that point (it'll be covered somewhat in the Hector/Florina fics anyway). I may still end up writing more for them though, because I'm not sure I've satisfied my itch for the pairing just yet.

Anyway, Serra. She's a vicious little minx out for her own benefit, on no one's side but her own (and her "own side" happens to be Ostia's, if only because she really did love Hector and Florina and Matthew and Oswin and everything they were fighting for, in her own fashion), and I love her. She does have her more fragile side, but that's something I think very, very few people are aware of at this point (and they are all dead). She's the kind of person who's strong because she has to be, because no one else is going to be, and she's just going to have to plow her way through everything on her own, and screw the world and whoever tries to come between her and her goals.

Oh yeah, and the battle at Araphen is a terrible, tragic thing (which is another thing I wish I could have elaborated on), but not for the same reasons most people think it is. I've seen at least two fics present it as Hector and the tactician fighting a losing battle once Bern unleashes the dragons -- but honestly I suspect the whole thing was a colossal failure on Hector's part to begin with. I've said elsewhere that although Hector was certainly an inspiring individual warrior, I don't think he made a good politician or even a good general. The "brute force" method only works in the arena... And Oswin was a decent adviser but even he had his blind spots; he's also more of a straightforward type than a schemer. (Uther was the schemer, and Oswin was there to talk some sense into him. :P Unfortunately the partnership doesn't quite work out the same way when it's Hector in the equation.) It's not clear in this fic (and if I rewrote it today, I'd probably include it), but Serra kind of realizes (though out of respect for Hector and Oswin, she won't openly admit it to herself) that the way the situation handled was just one fuck-up after another. Which is yet another reason she decides to take things into her own hands...


To basically copy and paste (with a considerable bit of editing) what I originally wrote on my journal --

"Midnight" is what happened when I decided to stick Erk, Priscilla, and Serra together in the same house for a few days and see what happened. (Most definitely NOT a love triangle.) The way I termed it originally was basically "Erk, Priscilla, and Serra being deceptively domestic", and there's really no better way to put it. That IS the story, right there. And yes, I get an inordinate amount of self-satisfaction from subverting/deconstructing this "triangle," because I see nothing romantic at all about the two pairings involved. (And personally think the fanon "rivalry" between Priscilla and Serra is a completely false construction -- if anything, any animosity between them would arise either from a professional sense or from sheer personality, and NOT due to jealousy over some dude. And even then they'd still be able to work together fairly reasonably if necessary, imo.)

That being said, it was kind of a rushed job because I didn't really care enough to tweak it, and it probably shows -- the intended climax is horrendous. And of all the fic I've written for this fandom, it stands least well alone -- it's very much reliant on The Deception of the Thrush (though not quite a sequel), and in terms of plot it's essentially a side story to Sand and Moonlight (it fills in one of the significant "missing episodes" that I had to cut out due to POV).

I also had a massively hard time titling at first, because everything I came up with seemed just really trite or cliched or too obvious. ("Masks" was a prime contender.) Still not totally satisfied with "Midnight", but it works with what I'm trying to get across, I think (though it could use more support in the body of the piece), and my subconscious is very good at fitting pieces together without my noticing so I totally lucked out in that I placed the coup on Midsummer's Eve in Sand and Moonlight. (Of course, I chose Midsummer for a reason when I was writing that fic too, but it's just nice when everything falls into place conveniently like that when you go back to minor details like this later on, when you're working on something completely different.)

There are definite worldbuilding holes though -- I'll admit I haven't given much thought to the details re: Erk's baronage and the layout of the city (or if his place is even in Aquileia or not). I don't really want to. It doesn't interest me, and with any luck this will be the last time I write about Erk in a way that necessitates that information. If it weren't for the fact that I love the FE6 Etrurians + Reglays so much and hence need to give a damn about the other Etrurian characters, I probably wouldn't even bother! But as it is, I even have a reasonable Erk backstory (i.e. pre-Reglay Erk) in mind that will probably never see the light of day because I don't find it interesting at all and it's totally irrelevant to any of the stories I'm planning. Though it does inform my characterization of him pretty heavily.

So yeah, speaking of Erk. Erk is not one of my favorite characters, I have to admit, so I'm probably a little unfair in my portrayal of him, especially to people who like him. I don't hate him, but eh, I find him only slightly more sympathetic than Raven, which isn't saying much. Though I find him awfully fun to write with his horrible social skills and selective intelligence.

This fic is, in a very shallow sense, about academia vs. "the real world", but that's not the main thing I was going for either. I think what's more important are the underlying reasons Erk has chosen to cloister himself away from the world. (Which is why I think it's necessary to read Deception first, to have at least that part of the context in mind.) And I think that's one of the key differences that sets him apart from say, Pent (who, though equally absorbed in his research and equally unimpressed by court machinations, was born a noble, and knows the "rules", so to speak, and still bothers to play his hand in politics every now and then when he sees fit. See: his activities during FE7 and his abrupt resignation in my fic-verse).

To give him credit, the Zephiel Erk remembers is still the kid they saved all those years ago, and King Mordred really HAS become useless; it simply just doesn't register that the new Zephiel might not exactly be the best ruler around until Priscilla mentions dragons. (But even then, it's such a distant memory that he finds it quite easy to just set it aside.) And he's kind of deliberately ignoring the Roartz/Arcard internal complications, obviously. He finds University* politics irritating enough already.

* As mentioned offhand in fic, the University is secular in my verse even though historically universities tended to be religious institutions. And yeah, Elimine's faith, of all of the various FE faiths/religions, is probably the most blatant analog to RL Catholicism, but I prefer tweaking with it a little since some of the core aspects are obviously very different and SHOULD have different consequences. (Existence of magic universities also very conveniently explains away the existence/nonexistence of Aircalibur in FE6 and 7 respectively. It's a minor plot point in A Thousand Snows as well.) I apologize for being utterly unable to come up with a convincing title for a thesis though...

As for Priscilla, she plays the games at court, and she's good at it. She doesn't trust Serra entirely in this fic, but she still holds some sentimental value in the memory of their shared past, so she's not quite as openly suspicious of her as she probably should have been. (That said, I should point out that she has in fact formed an alliance with the Church at this point, which I did try dropping a hint about. Too obvious? Not obvious enough? :P) The thing about Priscilla though is that Erk has never really seen her as a person in her own right, but more as an ideal, some sort of standard to reach and/or obtain. (To be fair, Priscilla hasn't really done much to remedy that either. As with Serra, she really only sees him in a nostalgic light. I don't think she fully realizes just how much she hurts him until his outburst.)

And Serra -- well, she has no use for sentimentality. She's got enough of a conscience that she'd rather not have to hurt her old comrades (permanently), but they certainly do not take priority over the new life and new goals she's made for herself since the days of Nergal. And the thing is, she and Erk really are awfully similar, when it comes down to it. (Which is actually why I can't really see them as a pairing. They're TOO alike in the ways that matter. I imagine married life for them would be hell, frankly.) Not so much similar in personality maybe, but in background and motivation, they are far more a part of each other's worlds than either of them will ever truly be a part of Priscilla's. Yes, class is a HUGE factor here, and one that I think can't be ignored (even though it often is unless people are playing with forbidden romances). It's why they can't stand each other, but also why there is that connection between them, regardless. (I do think Erk envied Serra's brash confidence -- if he'd had that same kind of confidence, maybe he might have stood a better chance with Priscilla, for instance, or at least that's what he thinks -- but at the same time I think Serra also envied his composure at one point in time... until she realized that it wasn't really true composure, but just as much of a mask as her own brashness was. And she figured that out YEARS before Erk figured out... anything.)

Ramble ramble ramble! I don't know, there's more I could say about this fic, but I feel like anything I could add at this point would just be saying TOO much.

Except for maybe: expect more Serra hijinks in the future.
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On February 19th, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC), shimizu_hitomi commented:
Hm, good point. I always discount May because she's a mage, and because FE2 in general doesn't contain many of the later "archetypes."

True, if it weren't for the fact that May/Bowy is so obviously the prototype for Erk/Serra I'd probably discount her too.

I did enjoy at least one of the fics with Hector/tactician vs. dragons, because yep, dramatic moment indeed. Actually I should look up that fic again, since it was one of the only tactician depictions I've found that I actually enjoyed... Something about Araphen though, keeps striking me as *off* somehow; add to that the Ostian coup and the game's continued emphasis on the overall splintering of the Lycian League, not to mention Roy's eventual reliance on Etruria to get things done... (Etruria is a driving force behind an awful lot of the stuff, whether good or bad, going on through most of the game, despite Roy being the "hero" and Zephiel being the "villain". It's actually kind of pretty weird.) I can't help but feel like Hector had already really bungled things up somewhere along the way. Not that I can blame him (I imagine managing the Lycian League was an awful lot like trying to herd cats), but yeah... I'm fond of a combination of personal flaws and outside circumstances. Glad you did pick up on that! I didn't have things thought out as thoroughly as I do now when I was writing it.
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