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(Some of you saw the earlier drafts of this that I came up with last April. Since then I've revised and fleshed it out...)

This timeline is based on a mixture of canon references, educated guesses/estimates, and miscellaneous things established/developed in my fic-verse. I've tried to label everything accordingly. If there is something mentioned or not mentioned here that you're curious about, or something you disagree with from a canonical/logistical perspective, or even something you just want clarification on re: my reasoning, feel free to ask or comment. (Some things are less set in stone than others, and this is STILL incomplete, i.e. this is constantly being tweaked.)

last update: 6/22/09

Before Scouring: Nergal falls in love with Aenir, the Ice Dragon worshiped as guardian of the tallest mountain in the north. (FE7 Hector's Route, Chapter 19xx; Florina/Ninian supports). He has two children with her. Towards the end of the Scouring (shortly before the appearance of the Dark Dragon), the Divine Dragons and other like-minded dragons leave through the Dragon's Gate (FE6, Chapter 24). Aenir is among those who stay behind, due to her love of humans and in particular Nergal; she does, however, inform Nergal about Dragon's Gate at some point, likely in case of emergency. Sure enough, Aenir is soon kidnapped by "some bad men" (presumably to uncover the location of the gate, as the Dread Isle is quite a long ways from Ilia)... Nergal follows with their two children in pursuit. He leaves them at an abandoned mansion (it does not seem likely, based on what Nergal tells the kids, that they'd actually lived there before -- it's possible that the Dread Isle wasn't "Dread" until the dragons opened the gate and Nergal made his residence there) with supplies and instructions to pass to "the other side" if he does not return within ten days.

As for Aenir's fate? Given the game's strong emphasis on death and resurrection, it is most probable to me that she was killed -- hence spurring Nergal's eventual determination to gain enough power to resurrect her. However, first he returns for his children, only to find that it's too late. They've already gone. He, rather understandably, kind of loses it and decides to pursue power through dark magic (in order to resurrect Aenir and/or in order to force open the gate and get his kids back), staying in that mansion in order to do so while remaining close to the Gate (maybe the kids just got lost! He has to wait for them since they waited for him! etc).

Eventually, something motivates him to leave and start wandering the world. My guess is that the Ending Winter necessitated a move away from the focal point of power that was the Gate. Plus he wasn't getting very far with his studies on his own, and after all those experiments he'd been conducting, the Isle wasn't getting a lot of visitors anymore...

0 - End of the Scouring. In my fic-verse: Elimine, Hartmut, and Roland return to their respective homelands to establish their respective kingdoms. Durban runs off to the Western Isles and founds a warrior's clan. Hanon returns to her clan; little is known of her life afterwards, though her story has been preserved through the ages via oral traditions. Barigan and his wife Bradamant (who played an equal role as her husband in the Scouring and is remembered as the first person to tame a pegasus even if she was not officially one of the Eight who wielded the legendary weapons) return to Ilia and lay down the groundwork for what eventually becomes the Knights' Union. Bramimond seals herself away beneath the Shrine of Seals (after sealing the Weapons). Hartmut is heartbroken, but eventually weds a childhood friend. Athos returns to a life of sagely wandering after his relationship with Elimine doesn't quite work out... (Still working out the timeline re: Nergal and Arcadia, but atm I'm inclined to put it within a hundred years post-Scouring.) Elimine bears twin children (a boy and a girl), but never weds.

Blue-haired Roland marries Alde, his One True Love (TM) and redheaded sister of his redheaded best friend Olivier (who is given sub-rule over a generous amount of lands to the eastern part of Lycia).

11 - Unfortunately, Olivier resents this as a serious slight. He's been essentially exiled to tame these distant, uncivilized lands far away from everyone he cares for, and definitely doesn't see it as the honor/responsibility/gesture of trust Roland intended it as. This among other minor disagreements sours their relationship. A mere eleven years post-Scouring, Olivier leads a major uprising against the now King Roland. Roland manages to quell the rebellion and executes the primary instigators, his former friend included, but both he and the queen are rather understandably devastated. In the years to come, other, smaller uprisings occur, inspired by this first example. The kingdom as a whole is barely held together by Roland's hero cred and charisma. (It's just too bad Olivier was equally charismatic and inspiring, eh?)

15 - Hartmut is the first of the heroes whose death is recorded. Killed in a skirmish against bandits. His young son takes up the throne. (His mother, however, is the one truly pulling the strings and for a large part shielding her child from the machinations of court.)

36 - Durban is the next to go, though legends persist for a long time afterwards that he didn't really "die", but is simply sleeping, waiting for the right time to return... (Eventually these legends are conflated with Roland, except among the secretive warriors' clan.)

43 - Roland passes away (his wife having passed several years before him), leaving behind three adult sons and one daughter. Cue inheritance dispute.

45 - Elimine, having witnessed Lycia's swift collapse due to the squabbling, and perhaps more than a bit saddened by the passing of all her friends, abdicates the throne to her son and begins to immerse herself in spiritual pursuits instead.

50 - After seven years of war, Roland's children finally divvy up the kingdom into four portions.

52 - Barigan's wife passes away. Barigan follows within a few months.

64 - Hartmut's grandson discovers the existence of wyverns. There is some initial fear re: their obvious (evolutionary) resemblance with dragons, but grandson soon establishes that they possess neither the dragons' terrifying power or intelligence... or even their lifespans. (But they are not exactly dumb beasts either, and have roughly human lifespans, as do pegasi. Eventually he steals an egg and tames the hatchling, and begins riding it into battle in the style of the Ilian pegasus knights instead of riding horses -- perhaps inspired by his Ilian wife. Soon he has a whole army of these things + their riders. Future generations follow in his footsteps... eventually an official "egg-stealing ceremony" is established for those who wish to join the ranks of the wyvern riders.)

77 - Elimine passes away at a ripe old age (100+) and ascends to "sainthood", having left behind many, many stories about her teachings and accomplishments.

92 - Ilian Knights' Union is officially established. Their clients are primarily Lycian.

110s - Lycia is plagued by a heavy spate of pirating along the coast.

120s - Lycia has, by this point, after generations of constant warfare, splintered to the point where there are as many as 10-20 independent territories, each under the rulership of their own marquesses.

128 - The Lycian League is established in an attempt to make peace and band together to do something about those pirates. They meet to renew oaths every ten years. Later extends to 25. The location of the meetings alternates between the various members of the League in order to keep the power balance more or less equal.

340s - Under rule of the Enlightened Queen, Etruria enters a Golden Age, which lasts through the reigns of about 6 other kings and queens. Most of the songs and histories and art that reference the Scouring date to this period. (Few contemporary records survived. Most of them are hidden away in Arcadia; Bern also retains a perhaps unexpectedly sizable collection thanks to Hartmut.) The Church undergoes a few internal revolutions in response to the queen's incredible influence/rise to power -- and, ironically or perhaps not so ironically, screws over the role of women in the Church, establishes a completely new hierarchy (not that there was much of one before), and becomes a considerable force in Etrurian politics.

490s - Etruria's long, slow decline begins. (Though they remain quite powerful for the next 500 years or so, and experience a resurgence during Roy's time, they will never again attain the glory of their own Golden Age. Specifically, the power of the monarchy begins to diminish, slowly but surely, while the nobility gains in power.) The first major conflict between Etruria and Bern takes place for whatever stupid reason. Relative "Dark Ages" for Lycia, as they're caught in the middle! Lycian League oath renewals break off for a while before the League is "reestablished". Ostia emerges as the primary Lycian power, thanks in part to claims of direct ancestry from Roland, and perhaps more importantly, marriage between an Etrurian princess and the Ostian marquess. (Etrurian influence on Ostian culture becomes apparent from here on. Also from here on, oath rites are held only in Ostia.)

600s - second major Bern/Etruria conflict, this time complicated by occasional clashes with Sacaen clans. Araphen and Kathelet, originally mere border fortresses, grow powerful enough in their own right to claim a place in the League. Pherae establishes a prominent place in Lycian politics after playing a key role against Bern.

750s - widespread resentment against Sacaens takes hold due to a major incident/tragic misunderstanding culminating in the "senseless" pillaging of a minor Lycian village. Trouble stirs again. The clans eventually ban together and drive out the outsiders. Tentative peace is made. The clans go back to fighting against each other. The incident is never fully forgotten, however, and there are many "smaller" incidents where this supposed peace is threatened in the next 250 years.

800 - Bulgar is established as a major trade center/crossroads.

870s - The first of Karel/Karla's ancestors arrive in Sacae from a land across the sea. Eliminism begins to spread into other nations on a wider scale. It never does quite take hold in Ilia, though. And much less in Sacae, for obvious reasons. Bern takes to it immediately. Response in Lycia is varied.

920s - With the dwindling of the infamous warrior clan founded by Durban, Etruria establishes the first mining colonies on the Western Isles. Rise of piracy again.

935 - Elbert born. (wild guess: Marcus served under Elbert as a page -- Eliwood/Marcus B, so Elbert must be at least 5 years or so older)

940 - Marcus born (estimate: knighted 17 years prior to Eliwood's Story -- Eliwood/Marcus C; in his 40s and then 60s according to artbook; and 23 is already pretty old to be getting knighted, all things considered), Wallace born ("only ten years old or so at the time [thirty years ago]" -- Renault/Wallace C,B).

943 - Madelyn born ("Lark").

945 - Lycian oath rites held ("Lark").

950 - Oswin born (general guess: "fourteen years apart" -- Serra/Oswin A; in his 30s according to both support and artbook). Vaida born (general guess: artbook 30s, but young enough to be falling in love with Harken in his 20s; "young, earnest wyvern knight" -- Harken/Vaida A). Jodel's sister is killed, and Nimue and Jodel "break up" (estimate: "fifty years" -- Jodel/Nimue C).

951 - Harken born (estimate: artbook 20s; old enough to be falling in love with Vaida and calling her "young"; Lowen's story in Harken/Lowen B; Harken's past as a knight under another lord in Harken/Marcus B).

952 - Elbert and Eleanora are engaged ("the same age you are now" -- Eliwood/Marcus A)... Legault born (general guess: artbook 20s; "I'm still in my twenties" -- Legault/Nino; "an old leftover like me" -- Legault/Isadora C; "Matthew, you're a good kid" -- Legault/Matthew C).

953 - Pent born (general guess: artbook 20s; chooses Louise when she's 14 -- Louise/Rebecca B; becomes Mage General three years prior to FE7 -- Erk/Louise B).

955 - Isadora born (general guess: artbook 20s)

956 - Matthew born (general guess: artbook 20s, mentoring Guy -- Matthew/Guy supports; calling Hector "young master" -- Matthew/Hector supports; "Young folk these days" -- Matthew/Oswin C). Louise born (general guess: artbook 20s; "young woman like you" -- Heath/Louise C). Heath born (general guess: artbook 20s, "You are quite... young" -- Kent/Heath B)

958 - Sain born (general guess: artbook 20s; "older, wiser companion" -- Kent/Sain B).

959 - Kent born (general guess: artbook 20s; "for one so young" -- Lyn's Story ending for Kent). Geitz born (general guess: artbook 20s; Dart in his teens chewing him out -- Dart/Geitz supports; "A long time ago" -- Fiora/Geitz C).

961 - Raven born (artbook; Wil/Raven B), Fiora born (educated guess: spacing out all three sisters within the limits of artbook "teens")

962 - Rath born (artbook). Guy born (estimate: artbook teens; "left the tribe when I was young" -- Rath/Guy C). Dart born (general guess: artbook teens; relationship with Geitz and Wil -- Dart/Geitz supports, Dart/Wil supports; Rebecca latching onto Raven -- Rebecca/Raven supports).

963 - Madelyn elopes with Hassar ("Seventeen years ago" -- Kent/Wallace C; "16 years ago" -- Kent, Japanese Chapter 1). Wallace disobeys Hausen and spends "six months in the dungeon" (Kent/Wallace B). Eliwood born (artbook), Marcus "had just recieved the honor of knighthood" (Eliwood/Marcus C). Hector born ("since we were twelve" -- Eliwood/Hector C). Wil born (artbook, Wil/Raven B). Farina born (educated guess: artbook teens). Lowen born (estimate: as a squire, he can't be much older than this; artbook says he's in his teens).

964 - Lyn, Serra born (artbook), Priscilla born (educated guess: "only six years old" -- Lucius/Priscilla A)

965 - Rebecca born (artbook; Nino/Rebecca C), Erk born ("Three years ago [...] only 12" -- Erk/Louise B), Florina born (educated guess: artbook teens), Zephiel born (estimate: "coming of age" during FE7; artbook says teens and then 30s). The Kutolah shaman foresees a dark flame, and Rath is sent away from the tribe ("less than four" -- Lyn/Rath A).

966 - Igraine born (general guess: artbook 30s; "a friend of hers" -- Ninian/Hawkeye C). Astore born (general guess: artbook 30s; seems quite a bit younger than Hector from Lilina/Astore supports, so fudging).

967 - Nino born (Japanese Nino/Rebecca C and Nino/Canas B)

968 - Dieck born (general guess: artbook 30s; "as if I were their real child" -- Klein/Dieck A). Geese born (general guess: artbook 30s; "My brother, Geese" -- Geitz/Fiora A). Echidna born (general guess: artbook 30s).

970 - Priscilla is fostered out to the Caerleons in Etruria ("only six years old" -- Lucius/Priscilla A). sometime afterwards, Lucius enters the service of House Cornwall ("some ten years now" -- Lucius/Priscilla A). Also this year, "the lords of Lycia held the oath rites" (Eliwood/Hector A) in Ostia, and Hector, Eliwood, and Erik of Laus meet for the first time at age 7ish. Pent chooses Louise to marry (Louise/Rebecca B).

973 - Juno and Sigune born ("Nightingale"; "1000snows"; artbook 20s). This winter, there is a major famine in Ilia ("One bitter year" -- Fiora/Geitz C); Fiora, in training to become a pegasus knight, and Geitz, on his father's merchant boat, meet ("A long time ago" -- Fiora/Geitz C).

974 - Percival born (artbook 20s; "Thrush"), Miledy born (general guess: artbook 20s)

975 - Guinevere born (artbook), Prince Mildain of Etruria born (artbook 20s; "Thrush"). Hector's parents fall ill; Uther starts taking on more responsibilities (general guess: Hector says Uther was like a father to him at some point?) Eliwood and Hector begin sparring every two months (Eliwood/Hector C). Wil and Dart/Dan leave to go adventuring ("left home five years ago" -- Rebecca/Raven A, Dart/Wil A, Dart/Rebecca A), Dan loses his memories and becomes a pirate some months later ("five years" -- Dart/Wil A, Dart/Rebecca A).

976 - Cecilia born (artbook 20s, "Thrush"), Shin born (artbook 20s, "Left Behind").

977 - Lowen's grandfather dies ("three years ago" -- Lowen/Rebecca A). Pent becomes Mage General and brings home Erk as a student (Erk/Louise B). Guy leaves the Kutolah to train ("three years ago" -- Louise/Guy B). Dart and Geitz meet at Badon (general guess: Dart/Geitz A); soon afterwards, Geitz runs away. Hector's parents die; Uther steps up to the position of Marquess. (general guess: "My lord, Uther of Ostia..." -- Oswin/Priscilla A; Uther's tenuous hold on position.)

978 - At some point House Cornwall falls ("two years ago" -- Lucius/Priscilla A, "two summers have passed" -- Raven/Lucius C). The Lorca tribe is decimated by bandits near the end of the year, soon after Madelyn sends a letter to her father Hausen. ALSO, Hugh is born ("two this year" -- Nino/Canas B).

979 - Hausen receives the letter in the beginning of the year, around winter's end ("... this year, we received a letter..." -- Sain, Chapter 1) Kent and Sain set off on their missions. A few weeks before the prologue, Lundgren starts poisoning Hausen ("abed for nigh on three months" -- Matthew, Chapter 8). "Six months" (Lyn, Prologue) after her tribe's massacre, Lyn finds Mark collapsed on the plains at around winter's end (judging from later weather conditions). They journey to Bulgar. Judging by the distance, about thrice the distance from Khathelet to Caelin ("about ten days' ride" -- Sain, Chapter 7) probably takes them about a month on foot, two weeks at minimum if you fudge with geographic/weather conditions and consider party size. Both the battles in the prologue and first chapter probably take place within only a day. ("That fight yesterday" -- Lyn, Prologue) In fact, it's probably pretty safe to equate each "turn" in Lyn's story to an hour, if even that. Lyn, now joined by Kent and Sain, obtains the Mani Katti at a small altar "on the outskirts of Bulgar" (Chapter 2) up in the mountains, i.e. probably just a day away, plus another day spent battling.

Next they pass through bandit-land in one of the mountain ranges, but I don't remember the exact area. (Clearly I need to replay this.) Let's give it another 2 weeks though. They pick up Wil and Florina... insert another single day battle. Then westward to the abandoned bandit fortress, give or take another few days, and picking up Dorcas at the late afternoon/evening battle there ("stop for the night" -- Chapter 4). So now a little more than a month's passed, and they head towards the Bern-Lycia border, at an increased pace. ("Now, she rushes for the border..." -- Chapter 5) They meet up with Erk and Serra here (interestingly, this means Serra probably underwent clerical training in Bern as opposed to Lycia and/or Etruria). Another single day battle, seeing as how it's just bandits. They make it to Araphen in another few days. ("takes her leave of one of these territories, Araphen" -- Chapter 6) Kent rides ahead to the castle and gets the marquess's promise for aid. Bandits attack the castle, Rath foils the assassination attempt on Lyndis, Matthew waits and watches, they all gang up and beat them off. Another day. At sunset (from what I recall of the background) Lyn leaves minus aid from the marquess and is joined by Rath.

Things start picking up. About a week later (Araphen-Khathelet distance is roughly equivalent to Khathelet-Caelin distance), they encounter Nils/Ninian/Lucius/Eliwood/Black Fang near Khathelet ("This is Khathelet." -- Kent, Chapter 7). I want to say that the ensuing battle takes them 2-3 days this time, since they have to go all around the mountains iirc. Assuming they go after Ninian's stolen ring, probably another day's ride in pursuit, and then they take on the fortress ("stronghold of an abandoned castle in Khathelet" -- Chapter 7x) that night ("you have until sunrise tomorrow" -- Ursula, Chapter 7x). Another week passes ("we can reach Castle Caelin in two more days if we hurry" -- Kent, Chapter 8). They're attacked by Caelin men -- another 2-3 days. Now it's been a little more than two months.

Return to Khathelet ("Back to Khathelet!!" -- Lyn, Chapter 8) to get help from Eliwood kills another week. Stay in Khathelet for another week while Eliwood sends and receives messengers from surrounding marquesses. The fog rolls in ("This weather is turning foul" -- Sain, Chapter 9), which to me, as a Californian, indicates late fall, winter, or early spring -- but given the timing for the overall story (backstory + "one year" + Eliwood/Hector route), as well as later mentions of "clear, dry nights" (Lyn's Story epilogue), I can only place it in spring. They head "through General Eagler's estate" (Kent, Chapter 9), which should take another 3-4 days if not more, given the fog. Afterwards, another week (assuming not-so-great weather) to make it almost to the castle, at which point it starts raining ("Those clouds look bad" -- Lyn, Chapter 10). Which makes pushing towards the castle itself take probably another few days. And finally, Lundgren is pwned. All in all, about three months have passed in total.

At some point later this year, Lowen's father dies ("Six months ago" -- Lowen/Rebecca A). Also, Zeiss born (general guess: artbook 20s, "he's grown up so quickly" -- Miledy/Zeiss A).

980 - Almost "One Year Later", after "980 years" of peace (Chapter 11), Elbert disappears. After a month without any news, Eliwood sets out with Marcus and Lowen only. ("it looks like it's just the two of us/Not so" -- Eliwood/Marcus, Chapter 11) Bandits attack, Bartre, Dorcas, and Mark show up. Blah blah blah insert Eliwood/Hector story here. I pin down the story as finishing up within a year so that timing doesn't get messed up in regards to FE6, even though my personal inclination would be to give all those events at least two years.

981 - "One year later" (epilogue), but probably just weeks after Nergal's defeat (and the passing of the remaining two of the original eight heroes of the Scouring), both Hector and Eliwood become marquesses and talk about getting married soon to their respective lovers, while Mark disappears.

In my fic-verse ("No Time", "Night Before"), Oswin proposes to Serra, though their initally planned wedding backfires. Eliwood/Ninian get married ("Still Point"), as do Harken/Isadora (Harken/Isadora ending). Also, Percival goes to court for the first time.

Probably Ellen is born (general guess: artbook teens, overall maturity, close in age to Zeiss from Ellen/Zeiss supports), as is Thite (estimate: artbook teens, she's captain of a wing like Fiora). Near the end of the year, Klein is born (artbook, Pent/Louise A).

982 - A few months later, Oswin and Serra finally get married in a smaller ceremony ("No Time") than the bigger wedding that takes place at the same time between Hector and Florina. At some point, Karel and Guy, having spread a reputation as "Saint of Swords" (Guy ending) meet to have a legendary Saint vs. Demon duel ("in a year's time" -- Karel/Guy B,A). They end up in a draw, but Guy eventually dies from the sustained wounds ("Invincible").

983 - Astore tries to steal from Castle Ostia and starts working under Hector as a spy (general guess as to timing, which must be pre-Lilina's birth: Lilina/Astore supports).

984 - Cecilia's mother dies and she meets Percival and Mildain for the first time ("Sand&Moonlight"). Sue is born (artbook teens, "Left Behind"). Hausen dies, Lyn abdicates and leaves for the plains, Kent becomes steward of Caelin, Sain goes to Ilia and joins Fiora's mercenary band ("Wherever", "Waiting", "1000snows", Lyn solo ending, Kent solo ending, Sain/Fiora ending). Etrurian mages, working together with a few mages from Bern, finish developing the Aircalibur spell ("1000snows").

985 - Roy, Wolt, and Lilina are born (artbook age, "same age" -- Wolt/Marcus B, educated guess); Ninian dies in childbirth, and Roy is given to Rebecca to nurse instead ("Still Point", "milk brothers" -- Wolt/Marcus B). Lalam, Cath born (general guess: artbook teens). Priscilla turns down Erk's marriage proposal ("Thrush"). Klein is saved from a lion at Aquileia's best arena by Dieck, and Dieck joins the Reglay household ("15 years ago" -- Klein/Dieck A).

And Fiora is reinstated as captain of the Fifth Wing ("1000snows"); Juno and Sigune begin training under her, and become fierce rivals to each other ("Nightingale", Juno/Noah B).

986 - Clarine is born (educated guess: "I was still little" -- Clarine/Dieck A), Thany is born (educated guess: like Florina in Lyn's Story, she's doing her year of training during FE6), Mildain demands that Klein become his little brother (estimate: Klein/Elphin A). Chad is born (educated guess: he's the oldest of the Araphen orphans -- "I'm older" -- Chad/Lugh B).

987 - Dieck leaves the Reglays ("13 years" -- Klein/Dieck C). Sigune and Juno go off on their requisite one year of training ("Nightingale"). Kent and Lyn reunite on the plains ("Waiting"). Lugh/Lleu born ("two years younger than Master Roy" -- Ellen/Lugh C).

988 - Percival becomes squire to Douglas, and soon afterwards, his knight father dies ("Sand&Moonlight"). After that, Cecilia invites Percival to her place and chaos ensues (fic-verse, Cecilia/Saul A).

This same year, Zephiel kills his father (estimate: "I was but a child then" -- Guinevere, FE6 Chapter 20, which makes it a bit of a stretch to pin it down here as she's thirteen at this point, but Eliwood and Hector are discussing the assassination in the "15 years later" scene as if it just happened recently; at any rate it's safe to assume that the news of this is very ambiguous when it happens and probably doesn't leak out until a few years from now).

Elsewhere, Sigune and Juno become fully fledged pegasus knights ("Nightingale", "1000snows"). And even more tragedy: Florina falls ill and dies ("1000snows", "Boats"). Afterwards, Fiora becomes General of the pegasus knight division ("1000snows").

989 - Cecilia begins studying magic under Pent and Erk, while Percival goes with Douglas to fight in Ilia-Etruria border campaign, where he ends up having an affair of sorts with Sigune, whose squad is hired by the Etrurians ("Nightingale").

Heath, now harboring doubts about Zephiel and the sudden regime change, "breaks up" with Vaida (Heath/Vaida ending). He and Legault run into each other and become lovers for a short while before going their own ways again ("Chiaroscuro").

990 - A skirmish occurs in the mountains near Pherae, between a small squad of knights from Pherae and a group of mercenaries presumably hired by Bern. Isadora and Legault encounter each other on opposing sides (Legault/Isadora ending). Her doubts renewed, Isadora ends her nine-year-long marriage to Harken and joins the clergy to seek answers (Harken/Isadora, Renault/Isadora endings).

Hector, having received reports of this incident from Eliwood, and concerned about various strange rumors flying around about Zephiel and the question of the Bernese kingship, sends Matthew and Astore on a disastrous mission to Bern. Legault passes them info, but while in Bern Keep Matthew and Astore are caught, and Matthew sacrifices himself in order to buy time for Astore to escape ("Thunder"). Astore obtains a serious leg injury that never fully heals but manages to escape to the desert, where he collapses and is found by Igraine (Astore/Wendy B, Astore/Igraine C). Sigune's squad's contract expires, she breaks off the affair with Percival, who is knighted soon afterwards ("Nightingale").

991 - Cecilia enlists in the Etrurian army ("Thrush"). Igraine gives birth to a daughter (estimate: Igraine/Fa B). Sigune and Juno become captains of wings ("ex-captain" -- Juno, Chapter 20B, "Nightingale"). Jaffar goes missing in order to hide from bounty hunters, Nino drops her twins off with Lucius at the Araphen orphanage, and goes after him ("Sunlight", "Gray Men", Lucius ending, Nino/Jaffar ending, "died when I was four" -- Lugh/Miledy A). Legault tries to help them hide, but hears of their deaths a few months later ("Gray Men").

992 - Cecilia accidentally scars Mildain on the shoulder ("Sand&Moonlight", Cecilia/Elphin B). Rath leaves the Kutolah a second time ("Left Behind").

993 - Cecilia joins Percival at the border for the last year of the campaign ("Sand&Moonlight"). Sigune becomes a mentor to Thite ("Nightingale", "Captain Sigune" -- Thite, Chapter 19B).

994 - Percival becomes Knight General upon their return from the border campaign, starts hanging out with Klein ("Thrush").

995 - Astore has regained his memories by this point; when bandits attack Arcadia, presumably killing his and Igraine's daughter (estimate: Igraine/Fa B,A), he goes off, kills them all (Astore/Igraine B), and returns to Ostia to give Hector a very belated report on the situation in Bern ("Thunder"), three days after Hector receives news that Zephiel is "dead" (special epilogue scene).

"15 years later..." (special epilogue scene) Eliwood and Hector meet for the first time since their respective ascensions, Roy and Lilina meet for the first time at age 10. The various marquesses of Lycia renew their oaths and Eliwood shows the first signs of his illness ("Boats"). Cecilia is shipped off to Ostia to teach kids from Lycian noble families (estimate, "while I was studying in Ostia" -- Roy, FE6 Chapter 7).

Same year, Juno meets Zealot in Etruria (Thany/Zealot B), retires, and gets married to him. (estimate in terms of timing: "You retired long ago" -- Zealot, Chapter 20B). Sigune begins to garner her reputation as the "White Devil" ("Nightingale", village in Chapter 19B).

996 - Douglas adopts Lalam (general guess: "just when I thought I had saved you" -- Douglas, FE6 Chapter 16). Thite becomes a fully fledged pegasus knight ("Nightingale").

997 - Roy starts studying in Ostia ("3 years ago" -- Roy/Lilina B). Later that year, Pent resigns his Mage General title and Cecilia is recalled from Ostia as his successor ("Thrush", Erk ending, "The former Sorcery General wanted you as his successor" -- Cecilia/Douglas B, "When I was pulled from Ostia" -- Cecilia/Lilina A). Hugh is sent off by Nimue to go on a training journey ("It's been three years" -- Hugh/Nimue C). Pretty soon into the journey, he meets Lleu while on the road; they travel together for a few days before Lleu ends up lifting the Nosferatu tome Nimue gave him ("Gray Men", "I met this kid..." -- Hugh/Nimue B). Hugh takes the opportunity to give up dark magic entirely and go into anima ("Gray Men").

998 - Hugh meets Legault while wandering through Bern; hijinks ensue ("Gray Men"). Also, Eliwood is no longer able to hide his illness (estimate: "your father and my father were still well" -- Roy/Lilina B). In a related incident, Lowen is crippled either in battle or in an accident, and so settles down to an early retirement and starts working as head chef for Eliwood instead (fic-verse). Marcus, who had been eyeing Lowen to succeed him upon his retirement as head of the knights of Pherae, starts searching for a new replacement (Lowen ending, Marcus/Lance A, Marcus/Alan A, Marcus/Wolt A).

999 - Bern invades Sacae and Ilia. Edessa is the first to fall in Ilia ("1000snows"). Klein becomes Archer General (estimate: "least experienced and weakest generals" -- Percival/Klein C, "Sand&Moonlight"), shortly before Mildain is "assassinated" ("suddenly passed away last year" -- Roy, FE6 Chapter 9). After the assassination, Klein is sent to the Western Isles ("I was stationed in the Western Isles" -- Klein/Elphin C), where he presumably meets Thite. Lalam meets Echidna there as well and joins up with the resistance force while "Elphin" suffers from fever for a few months and is given medicine by the rebels, eventually joining up as well (Elphin/Percival recruitment -- FE6 Chapter 13 or 15). Bulgar falls within a few months (estimate: "several months after you gave me that order" -- Shin/Dayan C). Juno gives birth to a daughter while Zealot is gone ("a newborn baby" -- Zealot/Juno B).

1000 - Events of FE6. Hector dies. Also killed are Vaida ("Waiting"), Sain ("1000snows"), Lucius/Raven ("Sunlight", Lucius ending, Ellen/Chad A, Hugh/Chad B).

1001 - Zephiel is defeated. Again, I'd rather give this plot arc more time, in the vein of the older Fire Emblems, but it's implied that despite the massive destruction across the continent, all of it happens in a fairly short amount of time and ends up as a "minor" blip in history. That spring, a "summit" is held in Pherae ("Shoulders"). Guinevere is crowned queen that fall.

1300s - (fic-verse world-building based on this line in the ending: "Centuries after Roy's time, the nations in Elibe were united under a single flag, but that is another story for another time...")

Three hundred years after Roy's time, the Golden Age of Elibe that he established has begun to decline. Due to a combination of various factors (spike in population, increasing infringement from the outside, drought/famine), Sacae is hit the hardest. Around this time, an ambitious and visionary Kutolah chief emerges and decides he's going to unite the previously warring clans (who have mostly rebuilt since the widespread decimation during the "Great Movement of Bern"). People rally around him. Some don't. He and his followers launch an invasion with never-before-seen organization into the now Kingdom of Lycia. Having grown lax over generations of peace, the outlying fortresses soon fall.

Bern maintains neutrality at first. Etruria, formerly a solid ally of Lycia, decides to take advantage of the situation and launches an invasion of their own from the west. The Kingdom of Ilia allies with Etruria, mostly. Bern finally makes its move... (And meanwhile, the Western Union decides to join in on the fun by launching a surprise attack on Etruria.)

Eventually, another figure appears out of nowhere: a young woman claiming descent from Lilina the Uniter and Roy the Lion-hearted, and thus of dragons, now revered and/or romanticized instead of feared..........

Many shifting alliances and several years of bloodshed and destruction later, the entire continent is united under one flag with the exception of the Western Union, which isn't really part of the continent anyway, continues to go along with its own business. :P
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On June 23rd, 2009 05:37 pm (UTC), hooves commented:
The Lorca tribe is decimated by bandits near the end of the year, soon after Madelyn sends a letter to her father Hausen.

Don't Kent and Sain say that Madelyn died a week after sending the letter? =O
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On June 23rd, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC), hooves replied:
Ahhh, wait. That is what you mean, isn't it? The comma there makes it sound like you mean that AFTER Lyn's tribe is decimated, Madelyn sends the letter.
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On June 24th, 2009 02:19 pm (UTC), shimizu_hitomi replied:
Aw yeah, that is what I meant. I should probably reword that at some point. I totally need to replay Lyn's route to get a better sense of map distances too.
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